Bernard Dreyer & Pamela Cook

Founders of "Achieving my Goals" project

evolve: Explore - Excel - Enjoy
Making the world a better place

We focus on developing digital products for the Common Good that bring life improvement in particulate in health & education.

Pamela is the President and Chief Technology Officer at LightBe Corp:

    • Software engineering with experience in developing products that enhance the lives of individuals and increase productivity for organizations. 
    • Development of VR projects optimized for iOS. 
    • Skills using Unity3D and C#. 
    • Quality assurance specialist.
    • Testing of large software projects.

University: double major in Mathematics & Computer Science, and MBA.

Bernard is the Chief Technology Evangelist & Futurist at LightBe Corp:
    • Business Plans for Advanced Tech meeting client's needs and expectations.
    • CAD Modeling for 3D Printing with Interlocking or Enclosed Parts. Additive Manufacturing. 3D Printing of Models using different methods and different materials.
    • Skilled Team Leader for the structure and development of strategic alliances for major projects.
    • Combined business expertise (North American and French) in Engineering and Management.
    • Writing of Technical Digital Books on topics related to 3D & 4D Multi-Dimensional Geometry.
    • Fluent in French (speaking & writing).
Engineering Schools: Mathematic, Automation & Robotics, Systems, 
Microelectronic, Computer Sciences.

Lighting up the World with Advanced Information Technologies.
Building a Competitive Advantage.
LightBe Corp is a minority owned business.